Jaxa Matching Colours 04:6 Range


Matching colours can be mixed with NC Base-coats and Sealers to shade up the colour of timber and to shade the edges of panels when an antique appearance is required. It can mixed only with NC Thinners (FAST DRYING) to achieve uniformity of the wood. They can be over coated with cellulose, pre-catalysed, acid catalysed and polyurethane lacquers. Shades are matched to those of the stains so one can use the same colour throughout.

Shades in Colour

Oak 04:6:5111 5112 5113 5114
Oak or Walnut 04:6:5121 5122 5123 5124
Teak and Brown Mahogany 04:6:5131 5132 5133 5134
Red Mahogany 04:6:5141 5142 5143 5144