Jaxa P.U. Clear Base-Coats And Pigmented Primers


There are several kinds of P.U. Base-coats and Primers. Each one of them is formulated for a specific requirement. The solids content of each product  varies to the porousity of the timber and the cost that the customer requires.The Primers are also available in coloured versions i.e. White, Black, Red and Grey so as to complement the topcoat colour. They have good covering properties and are easily sanded.

Base-coats Primers
91:140 A 42% Solids 92:43 A 42% Solids General Purpose
91:310 A High Solids 62% 92:10 A High Build
91:950 A External Use 92:60 A Putty Primer
91:45 A Electronic Use
91:1140 A Fire Retardant